Face Masks

  • Face masks in public areas are currently required at all Hilton facilities. All attendees must wear a face mask. This includes the lobby outside the ballrooms and all meeting rooms attached to the feis.

  • Dancers do NOT need to wear a mask while they dance on stage, but they are welcome to wear one if they so choose.

  • Dancers will wear a face mask right up to the side of the stage.

  • PC and OC dancers will bring a small GIFT BAG with them. Feel free to decorate, the more distinct, the better, so we don’t have any mix ups.

  • PC and OC dancers will bring the gift bags on stage with them, remove their mask and place it in the bag, then place the bag on the floor beside them. When they finish dancing and return to their spot, retrieve the mask and re-apply before returning to the audience.

  • Grades dancers do not need to bring a small bag with them.  Once on stage they can choose to dance with their masks on or remove their masks and hold them or loop them around their wrist while dancing.  

  • Once Grades dancers have finished dancing, they will bow, put their masks back on, and exit the front of the stage immediately.

  • If someone has a medical condition that precludes them from wearing a face mask, then we respectfully ask that you not attend this year. We will be happy to welcome you back in a future year.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the event.

  • Attendees are also encouraged to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds as often as possible.

  • Only 1 spectator per dancer will be allowed.

  • There will be minimal seating in the ballrooms. Please do not move or reconfigure the seating.

  • We have 4 separate ballrooms for our stages.

  • Champ dancers will dance on stages that are split in half.

  • The air walls will be closed to separate ballrooms and their traffic.

  • You will NOT be able to move from one ballroom to the next. Instead you will need to exit into the lobby and use the assigned entrance for the ballroom to which you are moving.

  • Results will be posted online and available for pick up at the awards table.  Please pick them up as soon as possible, so as to not create a long line.

Room Set Up

Wall Clock

  • Please arrive up no more than 15 minutes before your competition.

  • That includes first thing in the morning. The ballrooms will not open until 7:00am.

  • If our schedule is running late, it will be posted on social media and at the entrance to the ballroom, so you can delay lining up.

  • We guarantee that no competition will start early. Therefore no one needs to be in the ballroom early “just in case.”

  • We will issue a very detailed schedule. We will be scheduling by age for all levels.

  • This year we will do regular updates online so you can track what competition is currently running without coming near the feis area.


Hair Salon

Dress, Hair, & Make Up

  • Please have hair and make up done in advance so we minimize the number of people gathered in the rest room at mirrors.

  • Please also arrive in costume.

Image by Sandrene Zhang


  • NO CAMPING will be permitted whatsoever. So please do not bring chairs or lay blankets on the ground. For obvious reasons, we need to maintain the flow of traffic and allow social distancing.

  • No Coolers are permitted in the Ballroom areas. Keep them in your hotel room or vehicle.

  • No outside food may be carried into the Ballrooms or the public areas of the hotel.

  • This will strictly enforced by hotel staff.

  • Personal water bottles are encouraged.